Abrand Jeans

Men & Women

Abrand Jeans are jeans for the people. Launched in 2013 by denim house Threebyone, you'll find the origins of Abrand Jeans located in the heart of Melbourne. Blending design with impeccable fits and superior quality, Abrand strives to create a collection where originality meets timeless style. With influences streaming from the street, art, music and photography, Abrand aspires to be the brand remembered with the best moments of your life. 

Completely devoted to denim, Abrand likens their brand philosophy to a religion; an organised collection of beliefs, cultural systems and world views that relate to an order of existence. The triangular symbolism of the Abrand logo represents the three laws of their purpose: Fit, Finish and Fabric. To show their dedication to the three laws, a small triangle is stitched in in the back pocket of their jeans.

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