(Men & Women)

Established in 1989, G-Star's philosophy has always been, 'Just the Product'. Their approach has led the company to many denim 'firsts', making them a pioneer in the evolution of denim. Introducing a range of luxury denim designed for the streets by incorporating high-level craftsmanship with street level edge to a create a new breath of life for denim. Positioning raw, untreated denim as a wearable and desirable material and constantly evolving their distinctive denim silhouette by adopting an architectural and 3-D approach in the construction of denim. 

G-Star is widely recognised for the way that they promote the inherent beauty of denim. They do this by creating washes and treatments that bring out its unique characteristics and qualities, individual to each piece. The continuing expansion of available washes of denim represents the full life story of the material. From it's origins as raw, unwashed denim evolving into a deep indigo only to be dyed through extreme rounds bleach with treatments adding multiple graduations of wear to create distinctive, textured garments with soul.  

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