Lee Jeans

(Men & Women)


Lee Jeans is an American brand of Denim, first produced in Kansas in 1889 by Henry David Lee. Lee was unhappy with the quality and inconsistency in the supplied workwear his employees were wearing  as a result, he decided his company could do better and opened a factory to produce overalls and jackets. 

In 1913 Lee introduced the Union-All Work jumpsuit which quickly made Lee a household name and spurred the opening of manufacturing plants across America.  Throughout the 20's, Lee introduced many new innovations - from a stronger, more durable denim fabric for workwear to cowboy pants for working and rodeo cowboys. Most notably, Lee introduced the zipper fly in cowboy pants and zip-front overalls and coveralls. The 50's and 60's was a time of intense expansion, movie star James Dean appeared in several movies wearing Lee, this was the birth of the biker cult and transformation of denim from workwear to pop culture. As the company ventured into casual wear and broadened it's presence - spreading to 51 countries.  

Lee built it's reputation through the adoption of sub-cultures such as the sharpies and the skins who fused a love of punk rock and rebellion with denim style. The signature of quality, durability and innovation; today's Lee is all about bringing more fits, styles, finishes, features and choices than ever before to the market. 

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