NEUW Denim

(Men & Women)


NEUW denim was founded on the concept of 'Vintage Revision'. Originally named Nieuwlandstraat, after the street in Brussels where it all began, this was soon shortened down to NEUW, creating the brand we all know and love today. A lot of this success is due to the passion and enthusiasm for denim demonstrated by designer and founder, Par Lundqvist.

Boasting an impressive vintage denim collection of over 2500 (some dating as far back as the late 1800's) it is clear that Par's vision for the brand is driven by the concept of Vintage Revision. His first pair of Lee 101's from the 1950's became the first pair of jeans he learnt to tailor denim fits upon. Now, you'll find Par constantly customising, staining, altering and repairing the items within his own collection.

Each pair of NEUW jeans is based upon and inspired by elements of vintage jeans, adding a story and a substance to everything they do. Most notably, on every pair of NEUW jeans you'll find a fob ring that hangs from the front right belt loop in memory of the fob watch given to Par by his grandfather. He would keep this watch in the front pocket of his favourite jeans, secured by the chain to the belt loop but one drunken evening, the watch met its demise. What remained was the fastening ring which Par kept  as a momento and ultimately has fastened to every pair of NEUW Jeans. 

Being a modern brand, it was imperative that the jeans paid homage to it's vintage roots. Which is why a traditional deck stitch didn't seem to fit with the brand. When looking at Par's endless collection of denim that he's worn to the point of near disintegration, many had personal repair stitches where his wallet had broken through on the back right pocket. Inspired by this, the NEUW Repair stitch became a signature 'scribble' on every pair of jeans. The black dart has become iconic with the NEUW Denim. It symbolises the roots of the brand and how everything started. The Vintage Revolution design philosophy is adapting traditional silhouettes for a contemporary look. In short, it's all about premium denim... reinvented. 

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